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punggol waterway

Cleaner water bodies drawing more otters here

Otters disappeared from Singapore waters from the 1970s due to habitat loss and land reclamation works. It was only in 1998 that a pair of otters were spotted making the Sungei Buloh wetland their home. There are now at least 50 otters here. They have thrived partly due to the country’s efforts to clean up […]

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brilliant home hacks punggol waterway25

SSBS #1 – Brilliant Home Hacks

Hello! We are starting this new series called Small Space Big Solutions to cater to one everlasting problem: Space. Space in Singapore, to be precise. Space is precious, hence with the growing population everything that takes up space costs more. New BTO flats are known for being tiny and squeezy. However, that doesn’t mean its […]

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Punggol Waterway Terraces I Has An Internal Water Fountain

Punggol Waterway Terraces I Has An Internal Water Fountain

This time, the water pipes are causing some troubles for the residents. They had burst and flooded the corridor and stairs. Fortunately, they are just normal water pipes, nothing dirty, no feces and shit water flooding their way or waste pipes spraying discharge water to the residents walking past the void decks. This happened at Blk 308B […]

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home tips for hdb bto

20 Fantastic As Good As Gold Tips For Your HDB BTOs

Everyone dreams of their home being not only stylish and cosy, but also comfortable to live in. Comfort, of course, can be found in the little details — a dining table that’s the right height so you don’t hurt your back when eating; comfortable door handles; tiles in the bathroom which you won’t slip on. It’s these kind of details we often forget to consider, focusing instead on the big […]

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coney island

For The Nature Lovers… CONEY ISLAND!!!

Coney Island is now opened! Some observations are there are no street lights and the big part of it’s nature are left untouched. Opening hours are 7am to 7pm daily. Our eager friend Sean Lim went on the day the island re-opened (10th Oct 2015) and took some photos and videos. You’re welcome! Photos and […]

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sad baby - punggol waterway

Another Shit News – This Time Inside a Punggol Flat

Ok so the shit news doesn’t stop. Before you read, the photos do show some brown crap… so if you are eating your meals, you have been warned! Remember the Compassvale BTO pipe leakages that causes the void decks to be sprayed with unlovely feces? According to Redwiretimes,it all started on the Hardware Zone forum […]

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punggol waterway interior design

10 Punggol Interior Designs We Love

This post originally appeared on Qanvast’s blog. There is no doubt that the future plans of the budding eco-town attracted interest in Singaporeans who are looking for a home to call their own. From the artsy young couple who want a space that shows off their eclectic tastes to the classy business professionals who prefer […]

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punggol waterway - new home owner event

New Home Owner Event – 14 March 2015

Good news, New Home Owners! For our upcoming event in March, we are very happy to have our following friends to bring this seminar to us: Rezt & Relax Focus de Lightings Yale Locks Floor Xpert Le Gate The Curtain Boutique 1. Rezt n Relax Interior Semi Imported Kitchen @ $6888 Sign up to get […]

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Financial Advice VIP List

Hello! Do you wish to find out more on your own financial and personal protection? Do you have insurance policies but are not sure whether you and your family are adequately protected? Are you looking for trusted Financial Planners? We are working with Financial Experts and this mailing list is created to provide quality financial […]

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These Diagrams Are Everything You Need To Decorate Your Home

Interior design cheat sheets FTW.   Thinkstock 1. Types of Doors From Northerm. 2. The Colors of Hardwood From Athens Hardwood Floors. 3. Kinds of Moulding From DIY Advice. 4. Tile Patterns From Centura. Thinkstock 5. Antique Chair Back Styles From Chicago Appraisers. 6. Antique Leg Styles From Chicago […]

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BTO HDB Pipe Leakage

This Is a Piece of Shit News. No, Literally.

When the sewers pipe that connects from the toilet flush had burst, a lot of excrement were excreted here. Residents of the new BTO HDB Compassvale project (they only started collecting keys earlier this year) were disgusted by what had happened. Remember when we talked about the echoes in the water pipes that causes the […]

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Waterway Ridges

Punggol Waterway Ridges

Waterway Ridges is a premium BTO located along Edgefield Plains and on the northern bank of My Waterway@Punggol. The vision is to develop the area as the ‘Venice of Singapore’ and there is a pretty good reason for that as Punggol really does provide Singaporeans the opportunity of “waterfront living” nowhere else possible in the […]

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Waterway Terraces I

About Waterway Terraces I

Waterway Terraces I There has been much buzz for years surrounding the launching of finally experiencing “waterfront living” in HDB flats. And Waterway Terraces is the very first public housing along the My Waterway@Punggol. Waterway Terraces is a premium BTO that is located along the Punggol Walk and is enviably right next to the Punggol […]

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Punggol Waterway Woodcress

About Waterway Woodcress

Waterway Woodcress Waterway Woodcress is a waterfront premium BTO located at the junction of Edgedale Plains and Punggol Drive and is situated along My Waterway@Punggol. It is literally a few steps away from the Oasis LRT Station, which makes this a very convenient development. Still in line with the eco-theme, the word Woodcress is coined […]

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