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Coney Island Pulau Serangoon

Singapore’s Coney Island Opens For Public in 2015

Singapore’s Coney Island Opens For Public in 2015

Not to be confused with the other Coney Island in New York, the local Singapore version of Coney Island, or Pulau Serangoon, is one of the remaining undeveloped island in Singapore. Located between the northeastern coast and Pulau Ubin, it will be reclaimed to build more houses and linked to the Punggol estate via a bridge.

It currently is a popular spot for outdoor camping and water sports.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority’s latest Master Plan reveals that a part of the island (about half) is going to be reserved for recreational and residential purposes.

The other half of the island will be used as a park to serve as nature lovers’ haven, which includes a bird watching sanctuary, go green solar street lights and walkways.

punggol waterway

Coney Island Beach – Photo Credits:

Under the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s latest Master Plan, Pulau Serangoon, or Coney Island, will finally be opened to the public in 2015.

As residential usage is also part of this project, it looks like there will be more waterfront housings for Pulau Serangoon too.

But really, if this is going to be a nature reserve, one cannot help but wonder.. will this nature’s playground and peace on Singapore be disturbed increasing housing units?

Till then, lets look forward to Coney Island in 2015!