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Waterway Ridges

Punggol Waterway Ridges

Waterway Ridges

Waterway Ridges is a premium BTO located along Edgefield Plains and on the northern bank of My Waterway@Punggol. The vision is to develop the area as the ‘Venice of Singapore’ and there is a pretty good reason for that as Punggol really does provide Singaporeans the opportunity of “waterfront living” nowhere else possible in the country. A joint effort will be implemented by both HDB and PUB to create an environmentally friendly and sustainable network of Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) and really develop Punggol as an eco-town.

Waterway Ridges Location Map Waterway Ridges Map

Waterway Ridges comprises of 7 residential blocks that varies from as low as 6 storeys to as high as 18 storeys tall. With 832 units in total, homeowners have a choice of 3, 4 and 5-room premium flats that are comparably cheaper among all other premium BTOs.

A typical 3-room unit with a size between 67-68 sqm is pegged at around $188,000-$229,000 while a 4-room unit with a size between 90-93 sqm can go between $257,000-$359,000. A premium 5-room flat with a size between 112-113 sqm can fetch for $351,000-$445,000.

The development is designed at varying heights to mimic mountain ranges. It is meant to portray a scenic landscape of mountains and rivers. There will be a lush central courtyard with playgrounds, fitness stations, precinct pavilions and rest shelters. Roof gardens can be also found atop the multi-storey carpark block as well as the residential block.

For convenience, a Residents’ Committee Centre is provided within Waterway Ridges. Recreational facilities such as playgrounds and fitness stations can be found at the adjacent common green fronting My Waterway@Punggol. This common green boasts an amphitheatre, a large multi-purpose lawn and a jogging track.

The closest LRT is the Oasis Station where homeowners have to cross the waterway via a bridge and take quite a walk to get to the station. The best thing about this development however is the fact that the proposed commercial development is a stone throw away literally just right across the waterway.

If all goes as planned, Waterway Ridges is expected to welcome new and very excited homeowners by December of this year.

The progress of Waterway Ridges as at September 1, 2014:

Waterway Ridges BTO Waterway Ridges taken on 20 Mar 2014

Photo Credit : Waterway Ridges &Waterway Banks Facebook Page



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