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punggol waterway brooks

Punggol Waterway Brooks

Waterway Brooks is another addition to the family of fast growing premium BTOs in Punggol where HDB hunters have a choice of studio units, 3, 4 and 5-room flats. The development is located in the intersection of Punggol Road and Punggol Drive and is strategically located along the My Waterway@Punggol.

With the Damai LRT station being directly in front, this makes it one of the most convenient of the newer premium BTO flats in Punggol. As the word suggests, the development’s name Waterway Brooks is inspired by a stream or creek being the My Waterway@Punggol itself.

punggol waterway brooks map

The residential blocks are arranged in linear patterns that create a more clean-cut look different from all the common cluttered BTOs that we all know. The blocks are also built in varying heights to provide a more interesting skyline along the banks of the waterway.

Waterway Brooks is comprised of 14 residential blocks that varies from as low as 10 storeys to as high as 17 storeys tall. With 1,312 units in total, homeowners have a choice of studio apartments, 3, 4 and 5-room premium flats.

punggol waterway brooks site layout

A studio apartment sized 37 sqm can go for $85,000-$95,000 while a bigger studio at 47 sqm can be bought between $107,000-$119,000. A typical 3-room unit with a size of around 68 sqm is pegged at around $205,000-$239,000 while a 4-room unit with a size of about 93 sqm can go between $304,000-$379,000. A premium 5-room flat with a size of about 113 sqm can fetch for $375,000-$466,000.

The carpark is underground as in many of the newer HDBs. This new change in housing development is an initiative by HDB to declutter the look and facade of the building. Having the carpark below also provides extra convenience to the residents. Enclosed by the house blocks, three rich green courtyards are provided for the residents and visitors for their recreational activities or some restful relaxation.

The courtyards open up to the waterway that provides scenic view. One may also choose to just laze around at the courtyard with shelters and trellises strategically in place for one’s full enjoyment. Or one may enjoy long strolls and jogs at the banks of the waterway.

Playgrounds are there for the children to play to their hearts content. Fitness centers are readily available and be utilized by the adults and the elderly to do their daily physical exercises. Childcare centres and educational centres are all found within the development.

The progress of the construction as at September 8, 2014:

punggol waterway brooks sept 8 2014

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