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punggol waterway banks

Punggol Waterway Banks

Punggol Waterway Banks

Waterway Banks offers HDB seekers standard flats. As the word suggests, this development will be hard to miss when you visit the My Waterway@Punggol as it sits on the banks of the waterway. It is located at the bend of the waterway and bound by Punggol Edgefield Plains where a wide range of commercial and recreational facilities can be found.

The closest LRT is the Damai station. It is not much of “close” as residents would have to traverse over the waterway by crossing either the Punggol Road or Edgefield Plains. It is quite a distance in fact. But from there, you’re only one station away to the Punggol MRT/LRT. However, transportation will continue to improve in future, that is for sure. So don’t worry on that!Punggol Waterway Banks map

Waterway Woodcress is comprised of 9 residential blocks that varies from as low as 8 storeys to as high as 18 storeys tall. With 1,016 units in total, homeowners have a choice of 2, 3 and 4-room standard flats.

A typical 2-room unit with a size around 44 sqm is pegged at around $85,000-$111,000 while a 3-room unit with a typical size of 65 sqm can go between $150,000-$199,000. A standard 4-room flat with a size about 90-93 sqm can fetch for $257,000-$359,000. Punggol Waterway Banks Site plan 2

Two beautiful sky terraces are located on the 13th storey of two residential blocks that provide the residents an ideal place to have a scenic view of the waterway. There is a courtyard in the of the development that houses all the recreational facilities that both the young and the old can enjoy with tyhe adventure playground and fitness centers are both provided. Shelters are also scattered all around the lush green courtyard that make the perfect vantage point for simply enjoying the scenery.

punggol waterway banks site plan

Unlike some of the waterway BTOs with underground carpark, Waterway Banks will have a conventional multi-storey carpark. But to apply visual beauty, the roofs are landscaped to give the people right above some good views to look down at. There is also a childcare centre within the development and a two-storey commercial are will have a kopitiam on the first floor and residents will find a supermarket and some shops on the second floor.

The progress of the construction as at 5 July 2014:

Punggol Waterway Banks on 5 July 2014

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