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Punggol Waterway Map

Introduction on Punggol Waterway

Introduction on Punggol Waterway..

Punggol is an estate located at the North Eastern point of Singapore. Under the Land Use Plan 2030, Punggol will be revamped into seven districts. The Punggol Waterway actually consists of the Punggol Waterway East and Punggol Waterway West district.

The other five are:

– Matilda District

– Northshore District

– Punggol Point District

– Canal District

– Crescent District

punggol waterway

All the main districts in Punggol when developed

Under the URA Masterplan, Punggol will be developed into an eco-green estate, complete with residential, recreational aspects, as well as having a business hub in it.

Transportation will be improved, with more new lines and current line extensions, when developed, Punggol is going to be a huge estate, twice the size of Ang Mo Kio today.

At the heart of Punggol the Waterway canal runs through it. The Waterway is a man-made 4.2km river water path.

Longest in Singapore, this waterway runs through the whole neighbourhood, establishing what is known as “Waterfront Living” in this new undeveloped part of Singapore. With plans to develop Punggol as a resource sustainable Eco-Town and the theme of  “Green Living by the Waters”, buildings are built with the concept of being sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Punggol is also the first Eco-Town in Singapore.

Punggol Waterway Map

Punggol Waterway Map

Sungei Serangoon and Sungei Punggol is also recreated as a freshwater lake and to be transformed into a reservoir. The Waterway runs through and connects the both of them, as seen.

Under the plan, this it will contribute to around 500,000 cubic metre of water to these 2 existing reservoirs as well as having facilities to support water sports like Kayaking and Canoeing.

Cycling tracks and jogging paths are aplenty too, for residents to enjoy a healthy green lifestyle.

Already it has supported marathons, walks and more activities.

Other fast facts include:

  • It costs around SGD 225 million
  • Took 30 months to build
  • 89 aerators and 37 jet fountains installed.
  • 3.3 million m3 (117 million ft3) of excavated earth….. can fill up 100 soccer fields, 4m high (!)
  • Total area of 200 hectares of cut-and-fill site, equivalent to 285 soccer fields

Lets hope this excavated earth is used wisely somewhere else in Singapore.. We need a lot of earth to reclaim more earth.



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