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sad baby - punggol waterway

Another Shit News – This Time Inside a Punggol Flat

Ok so the shit news doesn’t stop. Before you read, the photos do show some brown crap… so if you are eating your meals, you have been warned!

Remember the Compassvale BTO pipe leakages that causes the void decks to be sprayed with unlovely feces?

According to Redwiretimes,it all started on the Hardware Zone forum that one member was sharing his/her story.

Apparently, one day out of nowhere shit suddenly came firing up the toilet bowl from his master bedroom toilet in his Punggol Parc Vista apartment on the 7th floor (yes its that detailed). It subsequently conquered the house by covering the whole place with it, flowing into the living room and bedrooms.

This happened out of nowhere and the home owner is negotiating with the HDB for damages compensations.

punggol bto hdb flat shit leaked

punggol bto hdb flat shit leaked punggol bto hdb flat shit leaked


But anyway, apart from the shit, the home owners are facing another problem – they got flamed for having an ugly purple sofa.

punggol parc vista

Wa! Buay lun la! How can they say that?

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