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BTO HDB Pipe Leakage

This Is a Piece of Shit News. No, Literally.

When the sewers pipe that connects from the toilet flush had burst, a lot of excrement were excreted here.

Residents of the new BTO HDB Compassvale project (they only started collecting keys earlier this year) were disgusted by what had happened.

Remember when we talked about the echoes in the water pipes that causes the marble dropping sound? This is definitely not the case.

According to the residents, the pipage started having some rumbling sound for a few days before… spraying.

The following graphics.. can be gross. Viewers’ discretion is advised.


BTO HDB Pipe Leakage 2

BTO HDB Pipe Leakage 1

From what we know, the make of the pipes seems to be different from the usual ones that we have in the previous generation of flats.

But more than the pedestrians and neighbours that walk past feeling the agony, those staying on the second level gets hurt the most.

Someone needs to do something quickly!

What do you think? Let us know below..!

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