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Waterway Sundew

A Guide to Punggol Waterway Sundew

The Waterway Sundew project is one of the BTO projects in May 2012, part of the Punggol Waterway estate. In the midst of building now, it is set amidst of barren land and nothingness in the far eastern side of the Waterway’s end and near the reservoir.

Waterway Sundew

Waterway Sundew


“Bounded by Edgedale Plains and My Waterway@Punggol, Waterway SunDew comprises seven residential blocks ranging from six to 19 storeys high. Choose from 837 units of 3-, 4- and 5-room Premium flats.

 As Waterway SunDew is located on the eastern end of the waterway, its name invokes imageries of the morning sun, as well as the dew formed in the development’s lush landscape and adjacent common green.”


No doubt Waterway Sundew is a beautiful Waterway project in Punggol, the quiet serenity it now enjoys may be something that is good for couples and families that want a break from the busy city life.

Waterway Sundew consists of 3-, 4- and 5- room housings and they are considered premium flats. Most units now come with full windows in the living and dining area. Although stated full height, the windows are actually covering about three-quarter of the living room.

Punggol Waterway Windows

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For the main bedrooms, they are three-quarter height windows and certain4 and 5 room flats have corner windows in their master bedroom. These flats all come with an opt in option where buyers can purchase the floor finishes for their living room and bedrooms as well as internal doors installed. The housing also comes with floor tiles ready in the kitchen, household shelter, service yard and bathrooms.

After choosing your desired flooring options, the price will be also added on to the selling price of the house, which you can utilize your CPF to pay for it. It is generally cheaper than when you get a contractor to fix those for you. Also, these come with warranty by HDB if they were built by them.


Green Features

As Punggol is undergoing plans to be developed into an Eco-Town, Waterway Sundew has no lack of Eco-friendly features such as having motion sensor lights installed at public stairways to save energy. Many aspects from moving around Punggol to the materials used for development are considered with the go green factor in mind.

For example, bicycle stands are built readily to encourage residents to use environmentally form of transportation like cycling to move around. Rainwater harvesting system is installed to collect rainwater, filter and use it for washing public areas, making good use of the rain water collected. There are also special landscape drainage systems called bioswales designed to prevent pavement and street flooding.

Probably the most thoughtful of it all would be the use of recycled and sustainable materials is used in certain parts of the building process.


Amenities and Facilities

The facilities available at Sundew are actually more or less the basic amenities by the waterfront. As part of an eco town, there are a myriad of infrastructures built to cater to a healthy lifestyle too. There are cycling paths and running tracks, footbridges, play areas and workout stations which foster family time as well as encouraging residents to workout.

Also included are rest pavilions and gardens that residents can enjoy walks @ Waterway with beautiful scenes filled with lush greeneries.

Sundew is also near the Serangoon Reservoir, which is one of two reservoirs connected by the Waterway path. There, residents can find nature, dining and activity experiences along the promenade. It is also considered near to Coney Island due to the location.

Waterway Sundew Location

Waterway Sundew Location

For now, shopping is kind of.. underdeveloped. As the current shopping centre (if you can call that one) is Punggol Plaza.

Waterway Point and a couple of shopping centers are in the pipeline when Punggol Waterway is being developed, along with a future sports complex, a town center and… SAFRA Punggol!

I believe in time to come, Punggol will be a self sustaining estate. There are currently schools to cater to the rising population of the next generation in Punggol. Currently the school list includes:

–          Horizon Primary School

–          Punggol Secondary School

–          Greendale Primary School

–          Greendale Secondary School

Sundew will also have its very own supermarket and coffee shops. Other than that, residents can take the LRT to Waterway Point (around 2-3 stops) which is due to open in 2015.



The nearest LRT stations in Sundew’s vicinity are Kaladoor and Oasis LRT Stations. Commuting in Waterway at the moment is not convenient – you can only get there by car, LRT and walk. And bicycle. Pedestrian bridges, new commuting transports and bus stops will be catered to the estate in time to come.

It is also near a highway which connects to Seng Kang and Hougang. Going to Tampines and the east will also be a breeze.

Ok, the car park at Sundew. It has a big ground floor car park similar to basement car parks in those private condominiums. Most premium flats in Punggol are currently built in this fashion. Residents get to enjoy parking in sheltered car parks as well as having the luxury to park outside the lift lobby.

There is also a Multi Storey Car Park of 7 levels, conveniently located in Sundew and sheltered.

All in all, Waterway Sundew is expected to be completed in the Q2 of 2016 with the Estimated Delivery Possession Date to be 30 April 2017. However the Actual Delivery date is to be advised when signing for the agreement lease (still remember what the HDB aunty tell you when will it be ready?)

Waterway Sundew Completion date

Waterway Sundew Completion date